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Anne Arundel Landcape Services

Services That Yards To Lawns Offers In Anne Arundel County

Anne Arundel County Landscape Services:

The Landscape Services You Need For Your Home Or Office.

If you live in Anne Arundel County and need help maintaining your home of office let our team handle the maintenance for you. We look forward to working with you.

Landscape Services In Anne Arundel County:

Aeration & Overseeding

Aeration involves penetrating the soil and creating small holes that allow water, air, and nutrients to reach the roots of the grass. Overseeding involves spreading grass seed throughout the yard to encourage new grass growth.

Concrete Installation

Concrete slabs are multi-purpose surfaces for homes and gardens. Used for walkways, patios, and floors, concrete slabs are inexpensive to install and durable enough to last for years. When you pour your own concrete slab, you're giving yourself a design material that is adaptive to many of your outdoor design needs, while saving money that would have been spent on a contractor.

Lawn Mowing

Mowing is the cutting of weeds to the ground level. Mowing is usually practiced in non-cropped areas, lawns and gardens wherein the grass is cut to a uniform height to improve the aesthetic value. The common mowing tools are sickle, scythe and lawn mower.

Leaf Removal

Allowing a thick layer of leaves to accumulate across your lawn suffocates your grass by blocking its access to sunlight and air. When your grass is unable to receive proper sunlight and air needed for photosynthesis, it can't grow.

Planting Bed Mulching

Mulch simply is any material used to cover the soil surface. Mulching your landscape is inexpensive and is one of the easiest jobs you can do as a homeowner. Mulch helps to moderate soil temperature and retain soil moisture which is good for the health of your plants.

Paver Installation

When it comes to DIY projects, a paver installation isn't a quick or easy process, but the results are well worth your time. Whether you're making small landscaping improvements to a rented property or need a safe, level place to grill, pavers make a great choice.

Planting Bed Maintenannce

What maintenance is required to keep planting beds looking their best? Beds should be spade edged by hand in spring and refreshed every 8-10 weeks. Beds should be kept weeded on a monthly basis. In spring, we put down mulch and pre-emergent.

Retaining Wall Installation

Retaining walls are often found in places where extra support is needed to prevent the earth from moving downhill with erosion. The most basic function of a retaining wall is to battle gravity; the lateral force of the slope must be offset in the retaining wall's design. Retaining walls can also: Provide usable land.

Shrub Trimming

Shrub trimming is cutting off the tips of branches to clean up the overall appearance of a plant. This landscaping service involves using power hedge trimmers to skim the tops and sides of shrubs so they look neat and manicured.

Snow Removal

De-icing is defined as removal of existing snow, ice or frost from a roadway, airport runway, roof, or other surface. It includes both mechanical means, such as plowing, vacuuming or scraping, and chemical means, such as application of salt or other ice-melting chemicals.

Tree Trimming/Removal

Spreading Infection: If your tree died due to disease, tree removal is essential for ensuring that the disease isn't transferred to neighboring trees. Common signs of infection include a yellowish appearance, spotty leaves, wilting, swelling, and cankers.

Weekly Landscape Maintenance

A typical schedule is every one to two weeks to keep your yard looking good. Pest, weed, and disease control are maintenance services that occur on a less frequent basis.

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